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21 Sep 2021

Mental Health with Movember

Next up in our series of chats about mental health, we’re delighted to...

26 Aug 2021

Health and Safety means Mental Health too

Lockdown is hard. And sometimes we need to just acknowledge that and t...

10 May 2021
Software Releases | 3 min read

Site App Pro - Summer 2021 Software Release

Welcome to our latest Safe Food Pro release. This release has some gre...

02 Mar 2021
3 min read

COVID-19 Financial Support for Business. Here's what you need to know

As you are no doubt aware, Auckland is currently operating at Level 3 ...

25 Jan 2021
4 min read

Top Tech Solutions To Optimize Your Health & Safety

New Zealand companies of all shapes and sizes are looking for new ways...

04 Dec 2020
Software Releases | 3 min read

Site App Pro - Spring 2020 Software Release

Welcome to our Spring Software Release of Site App Pro. As always we h...

03 Nov 2020
Wellbeing | 2 min read

Fortnightly Breakfast Meetings - A Driving Force in Company Culture

Getting ​together for breakfast every fortnight is a positive experien...

25 Sep 2020
Wellbeing | 2 min read

Everyone Needs A Little Help Mentemia

Most people have a plan to help them day to day - a business plan, a f...

11 Sep 2020
Wellbeing | 2 min read

Workmate struggling? What to look out for.

Watching a workmate or colleague battling is tough. It can be an unset...

12 Aug 2020

Watertight From Paper To Digital Health & Safety

Here at Watertight the Waterproofing People we’re on a mission to exte...

07 Aug 2020
4 min read

Our Latest Release - August 2020

Welcome to our August 2020 release of Site App Pro We would like to sa...

06 Mar 2020
Technology | 1 min read

Innovation from on high

Innovation is a critical business accelerator in today’s current clima...

03 Sep 2019
Software Releases | 2 min read

Software Release - Sept 2019

Release Notes - September 2019 New Features To see our full release no...

20 Jun 2019

The Value of Near Miss Reporting

WorkSafe NZ defines a near miss as an incident which did not result in...

22 May 2019

Safety Solutions for Remote Locations

New Zealand’s landscape is diverse, with may parts considered rugged, ...

12 Apr 2019
Software Releases | 4 min read

Site App Pro - April 2019 Software Release

KWe are extremely excited to announce the release of the latest versio...

03 Apr 2019

Your smartphone - a great tool for risk management

A change in legislation in April 2016 means new Health and Safety resp...

03 Apr 2019

Good Safety Doesn't Need More Paperwork

Most companies have assumed that the Health & Safety at Work Act 2...

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