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Written by Sophie Quinn
on September 03, 2019

Release Notes - September 2019

New Features

To see our full release notes go to September 2019 Release Notes


New Answer Types

Add these new answer types into your Custom Forms or Existing forms

  • No/Yes + Reason | This was highly requested by you guys, so it's finally here! We already have the Yes/No + Reason, but now you've got both. 
  • Multi-select Action Control Measures | Risks & Hazards can be controlled by more than one measure. You can now select multiple Action Control Measures. 
  • Maintenance Value | We've made it easier for you to do your maintenance checks! By using the Equipment Value answer type you can select the piece of equipment then log the latest check by entering the latest maintenance date or running hours.  
  • Link to a Completed Form | You can now refer to a specific completed form within a form. 

Improved Features

  • Minor Bug Fixes 
  • Improved Report Loading Speed 
  • Improvements to printed Completed Forms Format | We have reduced the amount of space used for each question box, which will condense the size of your report
  • Organisation Name added to Action Alert Emails | When an action alert email is sent to you, it will now state the name of your Organisation to the header
  • Monitor your Running Hours & Kilometers for Maintenance | You can now monitor maintenance based on running time, instead of just by date/time periods, you can set this up when adding your Equipment.
  • Group Dashboard Improvements | Improvements made to spacing & layout 
  • Improvements to Check-in and Out Report | Showing the total time that the User was on Site
As always we love to hear from you regarding our software and our new features. We are continually trying to improve and your voice is a big part of that. If you have suggestions or improvements you would like to see, please leave a comment below or you can contact our Support Team directly.

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