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Written by Ryan Hartley
on August 12, 2020

Here at Watertight the Waterproofing People we’re on a mission to exterminate paper from the daily worksite Health & Safety monitoring process, and with Site App Pro your business can easily achieve the same outcome.

But first, some sobering statistics. In 2018, across New Zealand’s construction industry there were 4,989 injuries to workers resulting in more than a week away from work. From July 2019 to June 2020, the same industry also recorded four fatalities.

Every year alarming Worksafe New Zealand statistics are a real reminder of the importance of proper Health & Safety data capture and record keeping – and the need for absolute transparency on movements across worksites.

At Watertight, strict adherence to Health & Safety procedures is critical. As a team we must ensure we are safe on worksites, and it is imperative that we arrive home at the end of each day in the same condition that we left in that morning.

Old-fashioned paper-based Health & Safety forms just weren’t cutting it. Often they would end up on the floor of a vehicle looking like a ‘dog’s breakfast’, and entering up-to-date information was often deferred until the end of the day.


Delivering Reliability and Accuracy

screens-v2Site App Pro is a much more reliable and accurate way of doing things. This powerful but easy-to-use Health & Safety app has been designed and built in New Zealand for the country’s construction and building industries, and has been well received and reviewed.

With Site App Pro you can forget pen and paper and sign up for real-time accountability and automatic data capture.

At Watertight ensuring we get buy-in from everyone on the team is vital. With daily ‘pre-starts’ and easy access, we have found that Site App Pro has significantly increased our employee buy-in to the company’s Health & Safety goals. It can do the same for you and your company.

Since moving to Site App Pro, Watertight has noticed a greater level of team involvement and more open discussions around Health & Safety issues across the company. Our weekly ‘Toolbox Talks’ are the ideal platform for raising and discussing any worksite incidents, ‘near misses’ or opportunities for continuous improvement.

Greater Engagement

At the end of the day – or more to the point, right throughout the day – Site App Pro is about commitment. At 8am our Health & Safety Officer can check what Health & Safety work has been completed and, if necessary, forward it on via the smartphone-based app to everyone concerned. This delivers a live platform with vastly increased employee engagement – which is not only awesome, but also delivers incredible peace of mind.

Once you’ve tried Site App Pro – you’ll never go back to your old paper-filled days!


Site App Pro is a simple and easy to use health & safety app designed for NZ businesses. Let us show you how easy it can be to manage your Health & Safety.

Self set-up, no credit card required, all backed up by our awesome support team.


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